Cloud Computing

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Courseware That Demystifies the Cloud

Cloud Credential Council (CCC) is a vendor-neutral certification, which empowers your clients to first establish a solid understanding of cloud computing from which to evaluate if a solution fits their needs. The advanced role-based professional certifications enable IT professionals to develop their cloud competence effectively and efficiently as it pertains to their role.

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[daan_iconbox image=’17389′ image_size=’full’ character=” type=’standard’ title=’Training for Cloud Skills: From ITSM to CSM’ animation=’pop-up’ link=’/?p=16009′ animation_delay=’0′][/daan_iconbox]Help your ITSM clients breakdown and translate the many aspects of ITSM and ITIL practices being challenged by cloud computing.

[daan_iconbox image=’17388′ image_size=’full’ character=” type=’standard’ title=’Is Cloud the ‘Bully’ in Your IT Training Domain?’ animation=’pop-up’ link=’/?p=16882′ animation_delay=’150′][/daan_iconbox]What exactly is a ‘cloud professional’? And as an extension of that question – what is a ‘cloud trainer’?


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Cloud Credential Council Courseware

The CCC established vendor neutral cloud certifications for key IT roles in order to grow the amount of cloud-ready IT professionals.

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Cloud Credential Council Certification Paths

Cloud best practices and principles bridge the gap between technical cloud skills and the desired business outcomes encountered in practice.

CCC Certification Path

ITpreneurs CCC Accredited Courseware Provider

  • ITpreneurs courseware meets all the requirements stipulated by CCC and ensures that participants achieve the objectives defined in the syllabi, and understand how to apply this in their own environment.
  • All ITpreneurs CCC courses are developed by experienced Cloud consultants and practitioners and include relevant and real world examples and content.
  • ITpreneurs enriches courseware with relevant supporting information and practical implementation guidance.
  • Our Courses are interactive and available in multiple languages.


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Benefits of Working with ITpreneurs for CCC

The ITpreneurs Cloud Credential Council portfolio is designed to support the transformational process individuals, teams, and organizations experience.

Click and Consume

A flexible pay-per-use model for courseware, exams and instructors offers you full flexibility instantly.

Tailored Portfolio

We offer various flavors of Cloud Computing courseware, ensuring there always is an option that suits your needs.

Extensive Instructor Support

ITpreneurs offers extensive guidance for instructors, ensuring optimal deliveries, every time.


An intuitive ordering process and fully automated delivery portal that integrates with your own delivery processes makes your life easy.

Branded Products

Our printed books, ebooks, printable books are branded with your logo and name. Your customers will log in to your own branded portal.

Innovative Solutions

We continue to innovate our Cloud portfolio. We offer blended learning programs, video based learning as well as interactive learning tracks.


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