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Deliver TOGAF® Courses—Level 1, Level 2 or Combined

TOGAF® is the open Enterprise Architecture standard used by the world’s leading organizations to improve business efficiency. The ITpreneurs TOGAF training materials help your participants understand the TOGAF methodology and support them in applying it within their organization.

Our TOGAF courseware was developed by a highly competent team of experts with decades of experience with Enterprise Architecture and delivering solid, practical training.

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[daan_iconbox image=’17388′ image_size=’full’ character=” type=’standard’ title=’Agile, TOGAF® and Enterprise Architecture: Will They Blend?’ animation=’pop-up’ link=’/?p=10926′ animation_delay=’0′][/daan_iconbox]Do agile, enterprise architecture and TOGAF blend, or should organizations choose one of them?

[daan_iconbox image=’17389′ image_size=’full’ character=” type=’standard’ title=’Architecting the Family: TOGAF® & Major IT Frameworks’ animation=’pop-up’ link=’/?p=7241′ animation_delay=’150′][/daan_iconbox]Organizations need a concerted approach to change. This is where enterprise architecture and TOGAF comes in.

[daan_iconbox image=’8785′ image_size=’full’ character=” type=’standard’ title=’Combine Them’ animation=’pop-up’ link=’/?p=1588′ animation_delay=’300′][/daan_iconbox]The TOGAF® 9 Training Course: Level 1 and Level 2 Combined is a classroom-based interactive learning experience.


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TOGAF Courseware

ITpreneurs offers you a complete portfolio of TOGAF learning solutions with both Foundation and Certified level or the Combined level. We support you in running your own TOGAF training courses by delivering access to courseware, the exams, and go-to-market services.

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What are the Differences Between the Classroom Options




High quality, ITpreneurs authored content.
Developed by TOGAF practitioners.
Accredited Training Course with The Open Group.
Instructor presentation materials, instructor manual with notes and guidance for delivery.
32 hours interactive eLearning available as reference learning and exam preparation content.
Discussion-oriented questions and activities based on real life case study.
Comic strip outlining the value of TOGAF in the form of a digital case study.
Additional online exam preparation guide.
Extra reading, additional learning tips and aids that help to prepare for the exam.


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Benefits of Working with ITpreneurs for TOGAF

Do you want to simplify how you run TOGAF training courses? Get training materials, source instructors and schedule exams to deliver powerful results.


A flexible pay-per-use model for courseware, exams and instructors offers you full flexibility.

Product Fit

We offer the largest TOGAF portfolio available in the market. There is always an option that will fit your needs.

Extensive Instructor Support

Instructor guidance is provided with each program in the form of delivery instructions, videos or TTTs.


We make your life easier with an intuitive ordering process and fully automated delivery portal that integrates with your own delivery processes.

Branded Products

Our printed books, ebooks, and printable books are branded with your logo and name. Your customers will log in to your own branded portal.

Innovative Solutions

We continue to innovate our learning portfolio. We offer blended learning programs, video-based learning and interactive learning tracks.


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