My Take on the PMI-ACP Exam: Tips for Your Clients

Christine Aykac / 01 July 2014

My Take on the PMI-ACP Exam

After taking the PMP and PMI-Risk Management professional exams, the PMI-ACP exam was my third exposure to PMI’s exam style. I thought that the exam was similar to the current PMI style, i.e., find the best answer and inputs & outputs of the methodologies, meetings, reports and charts. The questions were based on PMI’s PMP process groups and ITTOs, even though there is no standard or knowledge area in PMBOK about agile.

Sometimes, I wasn’t sure how to answer, because it wasn’t clear what methodology was being referred to. Scrum, Lean or XP? Do I reread the question(s) and choose the most common sense option? I also think reading all of the recommended books only leads to more confusion, because the terminology used in the books is not the same. I believe that my having experience with Agile manifesto and principles, Scrum, XP and Lean methodologies helped me choose the best answers and pass the exam.

Regardless of your experience, of the 10 recommended by PMI, I recommend that your clients read at least the following books to get familiar with the terminology:

  • Agile Project Management with Scrum
  • Agile Estimating and Planning
  • Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products Second Edition
  • Lean – Agile Software Development

The questions I encountered on the exam were on the following topics:

Agile manifesto: fill out the exact wording Tools used in Lean and Kanban Agile Estimating and Planning
MMF Scrum Velocity
Agile leadership style Burn down & burn up charts; inputs & outputs Sprint Retrospective Meeting
Agile principles: what is in or out, comparing to Lean, XP or Scrum User stories: cards, task boards, content Scrum of Scrums
Incremental development and differences Roles: Scrum master, XP Coach, team, etc. Information Radiator
Lean Pareto rule DoD
XP Spike TDD (test driven)
Release Planning poker Cumulative flow diagrams
Sprint and comparison Fractional Assignment Iterations

I recommend taking a course that provides an optimal mix of classroom lectures, interactive case studies, assignments and additional reading materials to successfully prepare you to pass the PMI-ACP exam.

Good luck!

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