Understanding Role-based Certification: A Hybrid Cloud Infographic

Maron Zewdie / 19 November 2015

Understanding Role-based Certification A Hybrid Cloud Infographic

It’s been about a year since ITpreneurs added the entire Cloud Credential Council cloud computing certifications portfolio to our library. The CCC has developed its certifications for the key IT roles in cloud computing to align with existing best practices and frameworks. We’ve talked about positioning cloud alongside existing best practices and frameworks a few times. We’ve also looked at the roadmap to professional cloud: role-based approach. How does this translate for you, as a training provider or consultant, and your clients?

The CCC recently released a new infographic applying the role-based certification scheme to Hybrid Cloud – the dominant cloud computing strategy in industry. As you can see from that image, the role-based certification scheme is adaptable for the prominent cloud computing strategies your clients are adopting.

…have you talked to your clients about their cloud computing strategy lately?

That being said, have you talked to your clients about their cloud computing strategy lately? Most companies are already using cloud services, and probably have a strategy in mind. Ask, and see how the broad portfolio of CCC training certifications can assist them in aligning their team’s skills with their cloud strategy.

In case you missed it, we also covered the biggest skills gaps in Cloud Computing – a detailed analysis using various reports on the state of cloud in 2015. Maybe it will help you and your clients understand why it is of critical importance to ensure their team is up to speed with cloud.


Read the full blog post from the Cloud Credential Council.